The bad news;
this promotion has finished as of Sunday October 2nd 2022.

The good news;
there is no need to fly to Switzerland. You can find FREY chocolate at any Woolworths store or at Woolworths online and don’t need to miss out on indulging in the finest Swiss chocolate.

Final winners are still being contacted with their prize

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Daily Winners Week 1:

5th July: S Heath
6th July: C Carson
7th July: E Wilder
8th July: A Phillips
9th July: S Cockett
10th July: L Setakian
11th July: J Chan

Daily Winners Week 2:

12th July: A Dominigo
13th July: K Ramsay
14th July: K Vandermeyde
15th July: A Bozanich
16th July: M David
17th July: F Amanatidis
18th July: K Patrick

Daily Winners Week 3:

19th July: F Selimi
20th July: M Baig
21st July: C Dahl
22nd July: C Lampard
23rd July: S Vincent
24th July: H Schulz
25th July: S Saldanha

Daily Winners Week 4:

26th July: G Hulex
27th July: M Holzer
28th July: J Taylor
29th July: S Martin
30th July: K Hanlon
31st July: M Coito
1st August: K Boyd

Daily Winners Week 5:

2nd August: A Leisner
3rd August: C Volny-Brown
4th August: M Atkins
5th August: K Lowenhoff
6th August: L Davidson
7th August: R Amanatidis
8th August: E Truhin

Daily Winners Week 6:

9th August: L Carter
10th August: M Naves
11th August: B Reinmuth
12th August: E Watmore
13th August: A Djachenko
14th August: G Kwon
15th August: G Lawther

Daily Winners Week 7:

16th August: S Banner
17th August: N Freeland
18th August: S Gould
19th August: A Labrador
20th August: L Heisen
21st August: J McGovern
22nd August: N Tomlinson

Daily Winners Week 8:

23rd August: R Daws
24th August: J Williamson
25th August: S Jacob
26th August: L Henny
27th August: M Foenander
28th August: N Felder
29th August: K Prattis

Daily Winners Week 9:

30th August: M Germain
31st August: C Prince
1st September: B Gillard
2nd September: A Velho
3rd September: R Vangelder
4th September: S Sorak
5th September: T Nasso

Daily Winners Week 10:

6th September: A Vallario
7th September: L Laws
8th September: C Chiem
9th September: M McDonald
10th September: J Coutts
11th September: J Lau
12th September: L Jeffrey

Daily Winners Week 11:

13th September: M-A Atkins
14th September: K Maslen
15th September: T Collin
16th September: A Mirza
17th September: F Young
18th September: B Jones
19th September: C Jakubenko

Daily Winners Week 12:

20th September: B Caruana
21st September: F Truong
22nd September: L Grover
23rd September: S Riddle
24th September: H NG
25th September: J Condell
26th September: K Allen

Daily Winners Week 13:

27th September: B Allen
28th September: L McLachlan
29th September: G Mauger
30th September: S Falleiro
1st October: C Pap
2nd October: G Lee