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Daily Winners Week 1:

5th July: S Heath
6th July: C Carson
7th July: E Wilder
8th July: A Phillips
9th July: S Cockett
10th July: L Setakian
11th July: J Chan

Daily Winners Week 2:

12th July: A Dominigo
13th July: K Ramsay
14th July: K Vandermeyde
15th July: A Bozanich
16th July: M David
17th July: F Amanatidis
18th July: K Patrick

Daily Winners Week 3:

19th July: F Selimi
20th July: M Baig
21st July: C Dahl
22nd July: C Lampard
23rd July: S Vincent
24th July: H Schulz
25th July: S Saldanha

Daily Winners Week 4:

26th July: G Hulex
27th July: M Holzer
28th July: J Taylor
29th July: S Martin
30th July: K Hanlon
31st July: M Coito
1st August: K Boyd

Daily Winners Week 5:

2nd August: A Leisner
3rd August: C Volny-Brown
4th August: M Atkins
5th August: K Lowenhoff
6th August: L Davidson
7th August: R Amanatidis
8th August: E Truhin

Daily Winners Week 6:

9th August: L Carter
10th August: M Naves
11th August: B Reinmuth
12th August: E Watmore
13th August: A Djachenko
14th August: G Kwon
15th August: G Lawther

Daily Winners Week 7:

16th August: S Banner
17th August: N Freeland
18th August: S Gould
19th August: A Labrador
20th August: L Heisen
21st August: J McGovern
22nd August: N Tomlinson

Daily Winners Week 8:

23rd August: R Daws
24th August: J Williamson
25th August: S Jacob
26th August: L Henny
27th August: M Foenander
28th August: N Felder
29th August: K Prattis

Daily Winners Week 9:

30th August: M Germain
31st August: C Prince
1st September: B Gillard
2nd September: A Velho
3rd September: R Vangelder
4th September: S Sorak
5th September: T Nasso

Daily Winners Week 10:

6th September: A Vallario
7th September: L Laws
8th September: C Chiem
9th September: M McDonald
10th September: J Coutts
11th September: J Lau
12th September: L Jeffrey

Daily Winners Week 11:

13th September: M-A Atkins
14th September: K Maslen
15th September: T Collin
16th September: A Mirza
17th September: F Young
18th September: B Jones
19th September: C Jakubenko